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Want to become a master of your disasters?

I can help….

I get it. Trying to squeeze more purpose and meaning from your life is hard to achieve. Kids, job, financial stress, family, health issues, it’s not easy creating a perfect work-life balance where you can live up to the expectations of yourself and others, while still being kind and loving to those around you. Throw in the fact that there’s always going to be some sort of obstacle, challenge or disaster that inevitably comes along and causes uncertainty, chaos and change, and it makes trying to achieve these goals almost an impossibility. So if you feel like there’s always something preventing you from reaching a future filled with happiness, contentment and self-satisfaction, if you feel like things keep popping up to push that joy just a little farther away into the future just when you think you’ve got it all under control, then you’re not alone.


That would change everything… right?


Hi, I’m Kat and my goal is to break you out of the cycle of suffering by arming you with the superpowers and tools to become a master of your disaster. You’ll discover how to squeeze as much growth and meaning from the bad times as you do from the good times. By using my 12 simple but powerful principles of life you’ll be able to radically change your mindset around adversity, uncertainty and change. So STOP hoping for a problem-free future full of happiness and instead flip your perception and learn to love and embrace the problem-solving process today. All of my books, retreats, blogs and courses below are designed to help you Master Your Disasters – and show you how to create more peace, joy and contentment in your life, not just in some imagined future but RIGHT NOW….IN THIS MOMENT.

About Me

I’ve spent a lifetime dealing with disasters, At age six, I began suffering from debilitating migraines that lasted almost 10 years, my mother died when I was 12, I tried to commit suicide at 16, and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at 24 and told I’d be in a wheelchair by 40. I spent the next 16 years looking for a cure, and I’m proud to say that of the 2 million people worldwide who currently suffer with MS, I’m one of the few who has reversed severe disability and gone into complete remission. How did I do this? By learning how to become a master of my disasters, taking a holistic approach to my health and happiness and conquering my fears so I could risk everything on radical treatment regimes to cure myself. My 12 principles are the distillation of all the mental and spiritual life lessons I have discovered along the way.


Never Let A Good Disaster Go To Waste: A  Memoir

How do you make sense of a life of absurdity? Or find humour and happiness amidst chaos and uncertainty? Kat Finnerty’s solution is to arm yourself with the superpowers to become a master of disaster! Kat discovers from an early age that being gifted with nine lives isn’t enough to offset the pain and adversity from a life seemingly filled with an endless series of ‘Kat’astrophes. And so she embarks on a high-stakes adventure to find more meaning, purpose and perspective in her life, only to be struck down by a crippling illness aged 24. Soon, even death seems like a better option than living. But a chance encounter with a Buddhist warrior princess and a Zen motorbike-riding spiritual renegade opens her eyes to the truth about suffering and this changes everything. She transforms her life and ultimately finds a way to cure her incurable disease. This astonishing true story is served up with a dollop of humour and a giant bowlful of Buddhist and Stoic philosophy. Echoing shades of Eat. Pray, Love and Slum Dog Millionaire, it definitively answers the age-old question of how to triumph over adversity by never letting a good disaster go to waste!


How To Get Over Betrayal in 12 Hours: A Survival Guide for the Soul

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you’ve loved, trusted and cared about? Are anger, fear and frustration making it difficult for you to move forward and find happiness? If so, then this survival guide for the soul is for you! A companion self-help book to Kat Finnerty’s astonishing memoir Never Let a Good Disaster Go To Waste, it outlines 12 simple but powerful principles that will help transform and overcome betrayal or any adversity in your life, no matter how painful, in 12 hours. You’ll learn how to tap into your innate superpowers so you can turn pain into strength, bend without breaking, extract meaning and growth from adverse situations and become more resilient to the triggers that create your suffering. In fact, you will completely change your mindset and become not only the boss of your betrayal but the master of all your disasters! Because the truth is you can suffer for 12 hours, 12 days, 12 years or a lifetime. So why not choose 12 hours?

Master of Disaster Club

Want to learn more about how to master your disaster? Or be among the first to obtain a copy of my memoir Never Let a Good Disaster Go to Waste and its companion self-help book How to Get Over Betrayal in 12 Hours? Join my Master of Disaster (MOD) Community today and receive a summary of how to shortcut your suffering around any adversity in your life by using my 12 powerful MOD principles. As a MOD Community Member you will be kept informed of my retreats, courses and blogs, be short-listed for the launch date of my books and receive fantastic discounts on all of the above. Other benefits include exclusive first options to join retreats, access to our monthly newsletter, informative and inciteful blogs and more!


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Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu, Mar 4-9 2023

March Retreat

An all-inclusive Life Changing and Empowering Experience taking a holistic approach to mind/body/soul transformation – a combination of exercise, yoga, meditation, physical challenges, massages, clean organic vegetarian food, cooking classes, as well as daily Master Your Disaster group sessions and one on one therapy sessions. 

Dive deeper into your yoga and meditation practices while experiencing the beauty and culture of a unique and unspoiled Pacific island paradise.